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After interviewing several insurance companies, The Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners has chosen CM&F as our top choice for members looking for insurance options.  Whether you are looking for coverage for yourself, your business, or your family, CM&F is your one-stop solution. They offer specialty programs for Individual Medical and Healthcare Professionals as well as Groups, but are also a full service insurance agency, capable of placing any type of risk.

Family owned since 1919, CM&F believes in great products, better technology and the best service.  Their commitment to the nursing profession dates back to 1947 when CM&F developed the very first liability insurance policy with the American Nurse Association.  Then, in 1987, they pioneered the very first liability policy specific to NP's.  CM&F has always partnered with the strongest and most committed liability insurance companies to offer the most competitive NP liability policy in the market.  Statistically, most NP’s will never be sued, but if you ever are, the protection you have matters.  Trust CM&F to be there when you need it most. 

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