The first and only state association devoted entirely to nurse practitioners! 

Welcome to our site.  Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners (MANP) is the first and only state association committed entirely to nurse practitioners! We are committed to protecting the APRN role. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners was founded in June 2014, with a mission to serve as the professional association for the nurse practitioners of Mississippi, providing advocacy, education, and networking. Our Board of Directors is comprised and managed by ten, volunteer nurse practitioners elected by the association's members. We recognize the importance of NPs in the provision of healthcare, the need for enhanced visibility, legislative influence, educational opportunities, and participation in key decision-making roles. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners is your NP specialty association.

We advocate for NPs with the legislature, Congress, other policymakers, and other healthcare associations both in the state and nationally. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners' key initiatives include;

  •  Full Practice Authority allows NPs to practice to the fullest extent of their education & training within their respective scopes of practice
  •  Increase Access to care for patients
  •  NP orders for DME, Home Health, Hospice
  •  NP signature recognition on legal documents and eliminating co-signatures
  •  NP Income tax incentives & exemptions for underserved practice areas & clinic owners
  •  NP reimbursement

MANP was successful this legislative session in getting Nurse Practitioners added to regulation allowing for ordering, management, and reimbursement for Home Health orders by NPs. The MSDH has updated regulations effective 07/01/2022, to learn more

Home Health Agencies Minimum Standards, effective July 1, 2022, MS State Department of Health

Read the Regulations here

Current barriers placed on NPs are a restriction of trade and creates unnecessary access to care barriers for your patients. The number of primary care providers in the state is insufficient to care for the existing patient loads and APRNs can fill this gap that is desperately needed to care for the residents of Mississippi. Twenty-eight states have passed legislation to help fill the gaps in primary care allowing for full practice authority for NPs. These states are at the top for the best healthcare. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners will work hard on your behalf to add MS to the list of those states allowing NPs to work within the full scope of their practice and get Mississippi off the top of the list for the worst healthcare. Full practice authority does not mean “no collaboration.” Nurse practitioners, as well as, other health care professionals, will always collaborate within interprofessional realms. Full practice authority is the removal of the formal contract required for NPs to practice in this state. There are many misconceptions about full practice authority. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners will help educate professionals, legislators, and the public regarding full practice authority. Nurse practitioners that have been trained, educated, and possess competency in skills should be allowed to practice fully within their scope whether the physician is physically present or not.

Membership Matters

Make your voice heard loud & clear by joining forces. You don't have to worry if your CE will be accepted. We do that for you. Our programs are AANP approved, accepted by the Boards of Nursing for license renewal, and our Medical Cannabis programs are approved by the MSDH as required for initial certification and renewal certification.  MANP also provides frequent conferences and pharmaceutical-sponsored dinner meetings across the state to keep you updated concerning your profession. MS Association of Nurse Practitioners also provides email communications to keep you up to date with current events and legislative happenings that affect your practice and help to protect your income. We provide community education to help patients learn more about Nurse Practitioners and the care we are able to provide. We encourage you to be an active part of your association to help move your profession forward. We are your voice, and collectively, we can reach our goals to protect the progress of nurse practitioners.

Specialty Car Tags- Support Nurse Practitioners

MS Association of Nurse Practitioners was approved in the 2022 legislative session for the development and pre-sale of our association's Specialty Tag. A total of 300 tags must be pre-sold before the Department of Revenue will begin production on a particular distinctive tag. the association will be reimbursed $24 for each tag sold.  This return will allow our organization to provide NP scholarships and assist with funding to benefit the Nurse Practitioner in advocacy and education. It will further allow MANP to help our communities. When the Department receives the 300 applications, the appropriate fees, and a Department-approved design provided by the organization, the tag is sent for manufacturing. Applicants may pick up their tag from their county tax collector's office once the Organization has been notified the tags are ready. The tax collector’s offices will have a list provided by the Department of the people who have already paid their fees and are entitled to one of the first 300 tags. The applicant should pick up his tag as soon as he is notified that the tag is available at the tax collector’s office. There is 60 days allowed from the time the organization is notified by the Department for the vehicle owner to pick up the license plate. If the applicant waits beyond the 60 days period to pick up his tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the special tag is picked up.

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News Updates 



Cameron Whitehead knew she always wanted to provide health care in her hometown. As a nurse practitioner, she opened a clinic in Louisville and began seeing patients immediately. 

But nine months after opening her clinic, Cameron was faced with an astounding increase in her collaborating physician’s fee. Nurse practitioners are required to enter into these agreements that call for a minimal number of cases to be reviewed up to a month after the patient has been seen and diagnosed.

“He increased the collaborative fee about 90 percent,” she said. “We had discussed his fee and had open communication that we were a new clinic starting up. There was no way to pay those rates, so we had to close for a week because the collaborator wouldn’t work with me on the fees.”

Cameron’s goal has always been better health outcomes for Mississippians.

“If we don’t have the right kind of healthcare and we don’t have people that are positively impacting healthcare, they are going to go back to utilizing the ER more. It’s going to do nothing but hurt us as a state. ER visits will go up, and we will see sicker and sicker patients when we could have affected it on the front end and prevented consequences of uncontrolled diseases.” 

That is why a majority of states now provide full practice authority for nurse practitioners, with Kansas and New York joining the states this year.

Do you want to help Mississippi expand health care access? Sign the petition below for full practice authority for nurse practitioners.

Sign Full Practice Authority Petition

A majority of states recognize nurse practitioners are filling a gap. Consider Mississippi:

  • Mississippi has a physician shortage, particularly if you don’t live in the metropolitan areas of the state. That is only going to get worse when you realize a third of all active physicians are 60 or older.
  • Researchers at the University of Rochester found the number of nurse practitioners serving areas suffering from primary care shortages increased 30 percent in states providing full practice authority.
  • After Arizona enacted reforms to grant nurse practitioners full practice authority, the number of nurses serving rural communities increased 73 percent.
  • A study by the Census Bureau and the University of Hawaii estimates adults are 11 percent more likely to receive a routine physical exam in states that expanded practice authority, while the rate of emergency room visits fell by more than 21 percent.

“I’m in the community filling a void in healthcare. Nurse practitioners all over the state fill a huge void that is only going to get bigger,” Cameron said.

We agree.

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