MANP Political Action Committee (PAC)   



Committed to Protecting the Role of the Nurse Practitioner

The Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners (MANP) is committed to protecting the role of the nurse practitioner to enable APRNs to work within the full scope of practice, education, and training. 

MANP's key initiatives include;

  • Full Practice Authority
  • Access to care for patients 
  • NP signature recognition
  • NP Income tax incentives & exemptions for underserved practice areas & clinic owners
  • NP reimbursement
  • Continuing Education

How can I help support the candidates that advocate for APRNs?  Without a well-funded PAC, MANP will be at a distinct disadvantage in the legislative session while advocating for your needs. Please donate to the MANP PAC.

MANP is able to provide a level of representation and political advocacy that focuses on the needs of the APRN. Its experienced team of leaders and lobbyists with expertise in grassroots organization, creation of digital communities, and public persuasion — brings an unparalleled level of professionalism and commitment to APRNs.

Political Advocacy

Political advocacy is beyond lobbying. At its core, advocacy is “the exercise of power by those committed to a cause in the face of the government’s power.” Advocacy is a tool for real participation in decision-making by the government and other powerful bodies. At the same time, advocacy must go beyond engaging “those committed to a cause" to engaging a larger audience — the patients of Mississippi. John Morgan Hughes, Lobbyist for MANP, has his boots on the ground advocating for APRNs.  Over the past 9 years, John Morgan has served as a strategist and general consultant to over 70 political and public affairs campaigns. He has represented various clients including trade associations, municipalities, and private corporations in their advocacy and education efforts in the state of Mississippi. In addition to his experience in government, he has also been very involved in the start-up community, having led the creation and sale of 3 companies since 2005.

MANP is proud to support many candidates as well as current seat holders in both the House and the Senate. MANP also is active in supporting other candidates that support the nursing profession as well as opposing those who do not support our mission.