03/27/2023 Changes to the medical marijuana law were signed by the Governor and took effect upon passage.  Here are some of the changes.

The bill includes several other changes that affect patients and businesses:

  • The Department of Health will now have only 10 days within submission (changed from 30) to approve a patient’s medical cannabis card application. This change comes after the department has experienced major backlogs in processing applications.
  • Patients can now have a follow up with a different doctor than the one who first approved their medical cannabis card without disrupting their care or access to medical marijuana.
  • Doctors and nurses who have approved a patient to receive a medical cannabis card can now help them fill out the online application with the state. Yancey said this was especially to help elderly patients. 
  • The law now specifies the Mississippi Justice Information Center of the Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will handle background checks on workers and caregivers. 
  • Testing facilities can become licensed transporters or contract with transporters. 
  • Businesses can display marijuana imagery in company logos and other branding. Dispensaries can also post pictures online to display what they sell. 
  • Hemp products are not affected by the cannabis act.
  • Dispensaries can sell hemp items that are legal under federal law, such as low-THC products known as “CBD.” Dispensaries can also sell topical products that contain marijuana, which cannot be ingested, to patrons over 21 who don’t have a medical cannabis card. These products have to be placed in a separate area than the products for card holders.
  • Dispensary licensees now have 18 months instead of 12 to complete construction and still maintain their accreditation.
  • The Health Department can contract with private laboratories for compliance testing, but those labs cannot also perform commercial testing for medical cannabis businesses. 

This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

Nurse Practitioners, under the revised regulation, are no longer required to report to any state agency or board other than the MS Department of Health.  

Additionally,  lines 182-189 of the amendment specify (b) A practitioner shall not be required to have any additional qualifications to be authorized to certify a qualifying patient for a registry identification card, other than such requirements for practitioners as provided under the Mississippi 186 Medical Cannabis Act.  (c) A practitioner shall not be required to be registered to certify patients with any state agency or board other than the MDOH.

Medical Cannabis Certification for Practitioners

Information & Documents Required to Register with MSDH 

Read the Regulation here   Amendment HB1158 was signed by the Governor and effective upon passage.


  • Practitioner Name & Credentials
  • Specialty- this means the Practitioner Certification type  (Family, Acute Care, Adult/Geri, PMHNP, etc) Do not put an area you may work in such as neurology, pain management, psychiatry, etc. this will cause a rejection in your application 
  • Federal Drug Enforcement Agency Number
  • Practitioner Phone
  • Practitioner Email
  • Practitioner Office Address
  • MS Board of Nursing APRN and RN License Verification form- $20 charge 
  • Input your license information >> Click on "Want More Details" then choose the 
    • Order the  "Formal License Verification Document" Option and complete the information 
  • Receive the following document which you will submit with MSDH application.
  • Practitioner Specialty (FNP, PMHNP, etc)- Don't put where you work. List your national certification type- Family, Psych Mental Health, etc
  • Practitioner Mailing Address
  • Certificates of completion for initial 8 hours of MSDH-approved CME
  • Collaborating Physician's 10-digit Registry Number

Debilitating Condition Information for the Patient

Click to view or download the MS Medical Cannabis Program User Guide
When you are ready to register, go to the MSDH registration portal here. Simply fill in your information and follow the steps to:
  • Sign up for an account with the MSDH
  • Verify your email address
  • Submit information and documents- PLEASE NOTE: Your application will be upheld if you do not submit the Board of Nursing Verification Document.  
  • Visit MS Canna Patient Alliance website for more information.

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