Medical Cannabis Certification for Practitioners

Information & Documents Required to Register with MSDH and MS Board of Nursing

  • Practitioner Name & Credentials
  • Practitioner type
  • Federal Drug Enforcement Agency Number
  • Practitioner Phone
  • Practitioner Email
  • Practitioner Office Address
  • MS Board of Nursing APRN and RN License Number(s) and expiration date
  • Practitioner Specialty (FNP, PMHNP, etc)
  • Practitioner Mailing Address
  • Certificates of completion for initial 8 hours of MSDH approved CME
  • Collaborating Physician's Registry Number

Debilitating Condition Information for the Patient

  • Date of Patient Examination
  • Debilitating Medical Condition Diagnosis
When you are ready to register, go to the MSDH registration portal here. Simply fill in your information and follow the steps to:
  • Sign up for an account with the MSDH
  • Verify your email address
  • Submit information and documents

Once your application is approved by the MSDH and you have received a Certifier's registration number, you will need to

  • Register with the MS Board of Nursing using your Nurse Gateway Portal.
  • Have the registry number for your collaborating physician. (Must have compatible practice and also registered with MSDH approved to certify)
  • You may upload your 8 hours of CE for Medical Cannabis Training to CE Broker for the MS Board of Nursing.

 Visit MS Canna Patient Alliance website for more information.

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